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About Loft Style


The loft style (loft means upper floor or garret) has become very popular of late.

This style was born in the 40’s of the previous century in New York when deserted  production premises in Manhattan started to be used for dwelling and offices. For all this, most elements of former workshops (brick walls, chimneys, beams) were left unchanged in order to make the interior look original.

Having covered the way from workshops to fashionable premises the loft had reached the fashion heights by the 1950’s. It was there where the New York artistic life concentrated in. Popular artists opened  their galleries and studios in those lofts. The typical example is the “Factory” by Andy Worhall.  

The main features of this style are open spaces, high ceilings, broad windows, stone, bricks, wooden beams, minimum details. The interior space looks like a modest background for interior refined items, thus highlighting them.

Nowadays the loft style is becoming popular in Russia. The loft-styled business centers and apartment house are coming into fashion  in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and other Russian cities. Designers use loft elements in decorating country houses and urban apartments .